Tabla Re-heading Workshop with Ravi Albright
Saturday, 1/26/13 12:00-2:30pm in Seattle
1640 20th Ave #2 Seattle WA 98122

Re-heading is a valuable skill for tabla players and will enable you to re-use shells instead of purchasing a brand new drum, an advantage here in the U.S. where tablas must be shipped from India.

Workshop will cover all the steps and include a demonstration. Participants can bring their own tablas to repair and start working on them in class. The goal will be for each to finish a drum by the end of the 2.5 hours.

Tabla Re-heading Workshop

$ 50 USD

Re-heading is a valuable skill for all tabla players. Workshop will include instruction of all the steps you will need to rehead your tabla or baya. Materials needed: New head for your drum, work gloves

Pre-registration required


Tabla Re-heading Workshop -YOUTH

$ 35 USD

For youth ages 18 and under only.

Participate in the workshop at a discounted rate- learn an essential skill for tabla players

Pre-registration required 1/26/12